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Green White Backcountry is the premier guide service in the Northern Scandinavia, Tromsø, Lyngen and Kilpisjärvi areas. We offer custom backcountry skiing and splitboarding adventures any time there is snow to slide on. Whether you would like to learn a particular set of skills like skinning uphill or ski mountaineering, or you just want to ski one of the many beautiful mountains that Northern Scandinavia has to offer, we're here to take you wherever your skiing or riding aspirations may lie. We offer everything from single day to multi day ski trips to backcountry and avalanche courses.

Our guide have professional avalanche training and have the expertise to navigate terrain and weather forcasts to locate the best skiing and riding conditions available. . We want to help you have the backcountry experience of a lifetime and our guided ski and snowboard trips cater to your wants and needs to create an unforgettable, personalized day of fun in the mountains.

We Believe in the Environment

The mountains deserve our care. Arctic terrain is both magnificent and fragile. As mindful visitors, we treasure and care for our world's spectacular landscapes.

We Believe in Community

The mountains unite us. Our passion for exploring and learning is the foundation for trust, teamwork, and lifelong friendships.

We Believe in Challenge & Adventure

The mountains are forces for change. Adventure, challenge, fun, and humble awe remind us how alive and connected we are to the natural world.

We Believe in Professionalism

The mountains command reverence. At times it's sunny and warm; other times nature is unforgiving. With this in mind, we keep our level of professionalism high and keep educating ourselves all the time.

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Kvaløya is one of the largest islands in Norway, located right next to Tromsø and is a popular excursion destination for people in Tromsø. In winter, the island offers a wonderful setting for ski touring. The highest fell on the island, Store Blåmannen, which rises just over a thousand meters straight from the sea, gathering around a number of other fells from which a difference in altitude of 600 to 1000 meters. Kvaløya is ideal for both beginners and experienced ski tourers. Kvaløya is one of our guides Mika's favorite places, after all, he has lived on the island for a few years.


Lyngen is a legendary ski touring destination in northern Norway, located only about 50 km from Kilpisjärvi and the Finnish border. The mountains of the peninsula rise steeply straight from the sea, with the highest peak, Jiehkivarri, rising just over 1,800 meters. The Lyngen is well suited for the more experienced ski tourers. Of course, novice skiers will also have something to count on and great experience. The altitude differences on day trips in Lyngen are about 800 to 1500 meters.


Kilpisjärvi is located in northern Finland, right next Norwegian border. Location next to Norway gives a small taste of what you can find behind the border. Fells in the area belong in the Scandie mountain range. Many of the fells rise more than 1,000 meters above sea level.  Here you will find the real Arctic Lapland!


Mika Salovaara

Mika has been guiding since 2001. He currently lives in Finland with his three wonderful child and his wife.  Mika has also lived for several years in the city of Tromsø in northern Norway, and for a couple of years in the city of Chamonix in the French Alps. The years spent in the mountains and wilderness of Lapland have trained him to be a qualified guide who can take into account the different needs of our customers and take into account the conditions that affect safety on our excursions.

  • European Avalanche Professional
  • FINLAV Pro 2 Avalanche tecnician
  • Canadian Ski Guide level I
  • Certified Wilderness guide